Tuthill for the Pulp & Paper Market


Tuthill HD 120A

Tuthill manufactures a wide range of positive displacement pumps in the internal gear, circumferential piston and external gear designs. Ranging in capacity from .5 GPH to 550 GPM and available in iron, stainless steel, and other material

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Air Testing & System Balancing

Even the most efficiently designed and expertly built systems will not operate at optimal levels if the system is out of balance and all mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time.  Keep efficiency at peak performance by testing & re-balancing your system.

Fluid Engineering offers testing and balancing of existing air systems to maximize performance while isolating and eliminating problems in the system caused by poor design or inferior equipment.

Once problems are identified, Fluid Engineering's engineers will offer the best solution to those problems and the equipment and services to meet those recommendations.

air testingair testing