Signs You Need Make-Up Air


The lack of make-up air in a building can cause serious problems. Many times the problems are not even recognized and show themselves in ways that most people do not think about. A properly designed and installed ventilation system provides environmental control by avoiding negative pressure. Uncontrolled infiltration of air through window sashes, doors and

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Image result for SeepexFluid Engineering is proud to serve as your local distributor for Seepex Progressive Cavity Pumps, available in the following series:

N – Standard Progressive Cavity Pump

Seepex pumps of product group N form the basic product group of all Seepex progressive cavity pumps. They can be supplied with various rotor/stator geometries (conventional, 6L and Tricam geometry) and can be used in almost all branches of industry for pumping low-viscous to highly viscous media with or without solids. Numerous application advantages ensure an especially economical application.

Flow Rate 0.132 USGPM - 2,200 USGPM

Pressure up to 720 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Steady, low-pulsation pumping
  • High self-priming rate, even with air or gas-liquid mixtures of up to 8.5 mWS
  • Installation possibilities in all positions
  • Large spherical entrance port
  • Direction of rotation and thus delivery flow reversible.

T - Open Hopper Pump

Seepex pumps of product group T are used for high-consistency material with low degree of intrinsic flowability or none at all. For these pumping products, the suction lift capability of a standard pump of product group N is no longer sufficient to suck them into pipings. For this reason, pumps of product group T are equipped with a feed hopper and facilities for safe product feeding. It is successfully used in almost all branches of industry to pump viscous to airtight products.

Flow Rate 0.220 USGPM - 2,200 USGPM

Pressure up to 540 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Pump with feed hopper and conveyor screw
  • Pitch and diameter of the conveyor screw is adapted to the operation conditions for optimum product feed.
  • Optimum solutions for various viscosities and characteristics of the conveying medium.
  • Numerous ranges, optionally available in block designs or with free shaft ends.
  • Service-friendly due to plug-in connections between rotating unit and drive.

D – Dosing Pump

Seepex pumps of product group D are used for delivering and dosing small quantities in almost all branches of industry. They are especially suited for low-pulsation delivery of low to highly-viscous media as well as media containing solids and chemically aggressive media while achieving a high dosing accuracy.

Flow Rate 0.053 USGPM - 264 USGPM

Pressure up to 360 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Modular system facilities a simple and rapid inter-conversion of the available sizes
  • Low-pulsation pumping
  • High dosing accuracy (deviation ± 1%)
  • Service-friendly due to plug-in connections between rotating unit and drive
  • Material combinations available for all pumping liquids.

CS – Food Grade Pump

Seepex pumps of module range CS are used primarily in the food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and chemical industry. The pumps with CIP (Cleaning In Place) and SIP (Sterilisation In Place) capabilities meet the highest requirements for gentle handling, hygiene, cleaning and sterilization and comply with the regulations of the 3-A Sanitary Standards of the USA and the EHEDG directives.

Flow Rate 0.132 USGPM - 572 USGPM

Pressure up to 360 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Service-friendly due to plug-in connections between rotating unit and drive, dismantling/mounting without special tools.
  • Optimized pump housings without clearance volume prevent product deposits.
  • High-quality surfaces of the housing walls and the rotating inside parts simplify residual-free cleaning
  • Easily mountable joints increase the service-friendliness
  • Proven mechanical seals adapted to the respective application provide for hygienic shaft sealing.
  • Stator material and secondary seals with FDA approval guarantee high product safety
  • CIP rinsing (Cleaning In Place) with high flow rates in the suction casing provide for residual-free and bacteria-free cleaning
  • SIP (Sterilisation In Place) with superheated steam possible during cycled operation of the pump.
  • The pumps of the CS range comply with the regulations of the 3A-Sanitary Standards of the USA and the EHEDG directives.

E – Semi-Submersible Pump

Seepex semi-submersible pumps of product group E are installed vertically. They pump liquids of different viscosities, which may be abrasive or even aggressive. Due to their high degree of efficiency, the low space requirements and the maintenance-friendly design, seepex semi-submersible pumps feature low operating cost and are thus a cost-efficient alternative to other pump systems. Pumps of product group E are self-priming.

Flow Rate 0.132 USGPM - 1,320 USGPM

Pressure up to 180 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Gentle pumping of shear-sensitive products
  • Steady, low-pulsation flow
  • Self-priming
  • Increase of the available NPSH value

W - Wobble Pump

Pumps of product group W can be used in almost all industries. They are designed to handle liquids of all viscosities and even products with high solids contents. Due to the simple construction wobble pumps are cost effective and easy to handle.

Flow Rate Up to 44 USGPM

Pressure up to 60 PSI

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Service-friendly and economical due to simple pump construction
  • Rapid exchange of conveying elements due to rotating unit with only one joint
  • Space-saving due to short, compact design with directly flanged drive (block design)

M - Macerator

Apart from applications in processing municipal and industrial waste waters, Seepex macerators are also used in a multitude of other branches of industry. They macerate the solid and fibrous components in the conveying medium, thus increasing the operating safety and service life of the downstream seepex pumps and other machinery. The degree of maceration can be varied depending on the flow rate, the drive speed and the shear plate design and can thus be adapted to diverse application conditions.

Flow Rate 8.8 USGPM - 660 USGPM

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Two ranges with two sizes each
  • Controlled macerating through the use of shear plates with differently large apertures and variable drive speeds
  • Service-friendly due to simple replacement of the complete headstock assembly designed in the form of a cartridge

CO – Control Systems

Seepex control systems are tailored for controlling, regulating and monitoring depending on the respective application.
Standardized modules are available for applications in the area of dosing technology and for protecting pumps, e.g. against overpressure or running dry. In addition, we develop individual control solutions in close dialog with our customers.
We supply individual components of a control as well as complete control cabinets.

In addition to the planning seepex offers a qualified support in the commissioning of processes and control systems.

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Standardized modules
  • Network-compatible compact controllers
  • Development of customised solutions
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Competent support with planning and commissioning

Controller for biogas plants - BGDC

  • Flow-regulated introduction of fermentation residue into the dosing process.
  • Addition of co-ferments in an adjustable ratio to the fermentation residue quantity..
  • Level control in the pump hopper for optimum mixing of fermentation residue and co-ferments.
  • Integrated protection and monitoring functions.

Level Control - LVCL

  • Level-dependent control for keeping fill levels in supply tanks constant (e.g. speed control)
  • Integrated protection and monitoring functions

Sludge Conditioning - SLCO         

  • System for processing highly dewatered sludge with lime
  • Hygienisation and stabilisation of the sludge
  • Integrated protection and monitoring functions

Filter Press Feeding - FPPU

  • Pressure-dependent control for conveying filtratable media in a filter press
  • Integration of prefilling, high-pressure and polymer pumps
  • Integrated protection and monitoring functions